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Rust Removal

Rust can occur when there is a slow break down of a metal object due to the mixture of metal, water and air. Over time rust will began to generate around a metal object. If this object touches another object it could leave an unsightly rust stain. Southern Clean Pressure Washing specializes in professional rust removal services on the exterior of residential houses. Our professionals have heavy equipment and chemical solutions that can help them get rust stains out of your exterior features. We provide our rust stain removal services to Kansas City, MO and the surrounding areas.

Rust stains are a terrible pain to remove off of any object, and they can affect almost any type of material. Everything from the clothes that you wear to the sidewalk you walk down is vulnerable to rust stains. When you take advantage of our rust removal service, your property will be complete rid of any unsightly rust stains.

You might be wondering how to tell if your house has been affected by rust stains. A rust stain is an ugly brown, orange mixture of a stain. Generally it will be located around a metal object such as a chain link fence or a metal pipe of some sort. When the metal from these objects mix with air and water, it results in rust stains.


When most people think of rust, they think of metal pipes rusting over, but very few people think of their house. Just like any other item you own, if not properly maintained your house can become littered with rust stains. Rust stains are not only unattractive, but they can weaken the structure of your roof or you siding. It can also make the perfect habitat for mold growth. Southern Clean Pressure Washing provides an excellent rust stain removal service to all their customers.

Why Choose Us for Rust Removal in Kansas City

Our experience and expertise speaks for itself. When you need a professional pressure washing service performed on your home or business then look no further than Southern Clean Pressure Washing. Properly pressure washing any surface requires you know what pressure washer to use, which chemicals to use for each surface and most importantly how to handle a pressure washer and not cause damage to the property. Pressure washing machines can cause severe bodily and structural harm when handled by a non professional. So give us a call or schedule a free estimate online today to get started on having your property properly pressure washed.

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